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iFixit Tears the Virtual Boy Down to Prevent Gamers from Tearing Their Hair Out

Posted by Trevor Chan

All you need to know should you attempt to fix one

Why call out a plumber when you can fix the problem yourself? Why buy a sandwich when you can make your own for less? Perhaps more annoying than blocked u-bends and fancy lunches where the bread costs more than the meat is when electrical goods breakdown. Machines are supposed to just work – and when they don't, some of us consumers want to be able to fix them ourselves.

iFixit has rounded off its week of classic console teardowns with the Nintendo Virtual Boy, and because the number of people fortunate enough to have one is relatively low, the exercise is probably more of an interesting read than a practical DIY guide for most. Still, it's described as the coolest device that the team has taken apart, so even if you don't need know how to service it yourself, you can find out what's inside it and gain some insight into the 32-bit 3D machine.

Head over to the iFixit website for the full teardown guide. If you're interested, there's an assortment of other teardowns and information on Nintendo consoles including a Famicom teardown, for when blowing into the cartridge just isn't enough.


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jaguarman said:

My fave console ever ,i have all the games from this console except one...... the space invaders of course because 600€ on e bay is to to much for this game



TKOWL said:

...But are they gonna add any extra colors to the palette? If they aren't I'm not interested in this at all.



DrCruse said:

I believe that the Virtual Boy was a huge missed opportunity. I only have a few games for it, and while they aren't super fun, it is a neat peace of 1995 technology.

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