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Epic Mickey Brushes with Paper and Digital Comic Books

Posted by James Newton

Tales of the Wasteland sets up Wii title

With the Epic Mickey excitement train picking up new passengers all the time following its impressive showing at E3, the game's designer Warren Spector has just announced a series of comic books to accompany the game.

Named "Tales of the Wasteland", the series will be written by Peter David and will flesh out the game's backstory by revealing what Wasteland was like before the game begins. Released in six parts on paper as well as PlayStation Network and Apple's iTunes Store, there's no word on a digital release for DSiWare or WiiWare, but we'll keep you posted.

There will also be a 64-page graphic novel adaptation of the game itself, so fans of Mickey Mouse and comics should be on Cloud Nine this year.


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Deviant_Mugen said:

It'd be kind of odd for them not to release the digi-comics on any Nintendo platforms, especially considering that Epic Mickey is a Wii-exclusive...



madgear said:

That's strange - they're releasing them on PlayStation network but not the Nintendo shop even though the game is a Wii exclusive? uh?



madgear said:

Actually I'm also confused about the graphic style of this game - the first two screenshots have a cel-shaded look but the rest look like normal 3D. What are the graphics actually like in the game? I have to say I prefer the look in the first two screenshots.



PhillaLoup said:

@madgear: the first two are kind of cutscenes ... the rest is gameplay

don't understand the whole PSN release thing ... maybe the game isn't Wii exclusive anymore .... like The Grinder from HVS or GoldenEye from Activision?



TwilightV said:

Now that's just weird. I bet they're going to put an ad at the comic's end for the game too. Are they trying to start something? >: (

...Or maybe they're trying to coax people to the Wii. >:3



LztheQuack said:

There's no Wiiware release because there is no current way to distribute stuff like this over Wiiware.

Hey Prosody, there is also a new trailer that was presented at Comic Con.



Popyman said:

Awesome! Can't wait!

And they're coming to PSN because Disney already has tons of comics up there.



irken004 said:

A digital version would be nice to have. A paper graphic novel wouldn't be very nice, seeing how short it would be.



Xkhaoz said:

@lz Well, they actually would put it on WiiWare, but it just wouldn't be a game.



Faildude said:

I know I'm nitpicking but the game is called "Disney Epic Mickey" without the "'s".



Punny said:

Using PSN as a source for looking at comics based on the events prior to a Wii game? Oh, the irony! That little nitpicky complaint aside, this should be cool advertising. The game already has a cool art style, so it should definately rub off on the comics it's based on, too.



BleachFan said:

I don't think I'd WANT to download a comic onto my Wii or DSi (Unless it's free). It seems to have a "one time only" enjoyment factor, unless you're already a fan of comics, which is not the case for me.

That being said, this DOES look very interesting...Perhaps I'll download it on the iTouch when it comes out...

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