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F1 2009 Night Race Screens Emerge From The Darkness

Posted by Damien McFerran

Singapore Night Race recreated for the first time ever in an F1 racing title

You may (or may not) be interested to learn that F1 2009 is the first digital representation of the sport to feature a night race, as screenshots published today prove.

The official F1 licence has been dormant for a while now, but this new version is promising big things. Interestingly, it's leading on the Wii and PSP, with the 360 and PS3 editions not being made available until 2010.

Here's a snippet from the press release:

The FORMULA 1 SINGTEL SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX became instantly iconic when it was introduced to the FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™ last season as it was the first time that a FORMULA ONE race had been held under lights. This has been painstakingly recreated in F1 2009. In total there are almost 1,500 lighting projectors used at the circuit, making it four times brighter than the average sports stadium and enabling the drivers to have maximum visibility at all times.

We've added the new screens to our F1 2009 gallery, which can be seen below.

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blackknight77 said:

"The official F1 licence has been dormant for a while now, but this new version is promising big things."

And that is a shame really when so many great F1 games used to come out all of the time. Hope the trend turns around



Incognito_D said:

The main thing that strikes me as weird about this game is that they're calling it "2009" - it'll be out of date in three months!




You'll keep on getting a yearly cash in attempt like with Fifa, PES, Virtua Tennis, Tiger Woods etc



Machu said:

@Incognito D: They wanted to get one one out there while they work on the engine's for the high-end 2010 versions.

I'm looking forward to this lots as I love F1 and hope it lives up to my expectations. From what I can tell so far it does, and I can't wait to get my Whiil on this one. Come on Button!



Machu said:

Just realised, I wonder if they will be forced to remove the advertisers from the Renault's now they've had their contracts canceled, hmmm.



mysteriousbloke said:

im lookin forward to see which of the multiple drivers that have beein in and out of the cars this season. Fisichella at Ferrari or Force India? Grosjean or Piquet? Alguesuari or Bourdais? who knows.

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