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Nintendo Ships Hundred Millionth DS System

Posted by Nathanial Burrer

Nintendo rejoices over a milestone of their greatest hand-held, but it has much more to overcome.

Nintendo’s DS Lite systems have been a true eye-catcher, and it’s showed with over ninety-six million sales around the world as of last year. While one hundred million shipped and ninety-six million sold are very impressive numbers, they still have to pass up the PlayStation 2’s one hundred two million and the GameBoy Color’s one hundred eighteen million.

At the rate the DS is going, the day of hand-held supremacy will soon arrive, especially with the DSi, although the $169 US price tag may be a bit of an obstacle for some. With the DSi arriving in Europe April third and in North America April fifth, just a few weeks away, it will sure be exciting to see how Nintendo will treat the third addition to the DS family.

For those of you who are getting a DSi, do you expect something big from Nintendo this next in the next few years?


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Dume said:

I just noticed a small typo. How unprofessional of me to make that mistake. ):



Damo said:

Back when it was first released I could have predicted that the DS would be so successful! I think even Nintendo is surprised with this, TBH.

The DSi is going to be interesting because I don't think it offers enough incentive for 'casual' DS fans to update; it could end up splitting the market and putting people off. You can only have so many revisions of the same hardware, after all.

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