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Nintendo Lets You Know Who Is The Daddy

Posted by Nathanial Burrer

Wii and DS sales continue to dominate in February. Yes, they still print money!

This past February, Nintendo sure felt the love by the consumers. Selling over seven hundred fifty thousand Wiis, a seventy-four percent increase over the Wii’s 2008 February. The DS reached slightly above five hundred eighty handhelds.

Following the ambiguous duo is the Xbox 360 with almost four hundred thousand units, the PlayStation 3 with two hundred seventy-six thousand, and the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 2 selling under than two hundred thousand units. It seems like they’ve got quite a few bridges to cross to become recession-proof.

On a personal note, this makes me wonder what games these newcomers are going to get. I foresee quite a few more copies of Wii Play selling. Not to mention when Nintendo is going to settle down with the sales, not that I want them to slow down or anything.

Hopefully things look this good, or better, in March!


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Dume said:

I'm really wondering what people are gonna do now since the DSi is coming out in a few short weeks, but want the DSi to flop, personally.

No offense, but the title doesn't really make sense. Could've been "top dog"? I'm just being picky.



gig said:

I'm pretty sure the DS and DSi will coexists for some time. Although on the surface their markets are the same i believe the younger market will be happy with their DS's for a while, with the initial buyers of the DSi coming from the older demographic (say 20-40's) buying into the DSiware and the webbrowsing capabilities.



James said:

Dume - perhaps it's just a UK phrase, but "I'm the Daddy" is quite common over here. In fact, my Gamertag is DaddyNewts despite the fact I've not got a kid



motang said:

Man that is a lot of units for sure. And to think, the US is in a recession.

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