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Halo 3 Gets Wii-Fitted

Posted by Shane Jury

Bungie's third iteration in its console-profiling Halo series has recently been 1upp-ed in sales by Nintendo's calorie-zapping Balance Board title.

As well as topping the NPD charts for last month in the U.S of A for what seems like the gazillionth time, Wii Fit has also reached the milestone selling amount of six million (that's a lot of flab dancing about right now).

In comparison, the XBox 360's headlining shooter, Halo 3, is shy of 100,000 units sold to hit the 6 Mil target. An impressive showing for Wii Fit, especially considering that it retails for around $30/£20 more than the average game, and has been on the market 8 months fewer than Master Chief's third endeavor.

Still on the fence about getting your own Wii-fueled exercise platform? Three stone lost from this news writer says that it's worth the dosh.


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antdickens said:

Six million units sold just in the USA? that's pretty damn impressive.

... and yet I STILL cast my mind back to Miyamoto showing this on stage at E3 for the very first time and everyone saying ... "he's finally lost it..." ... lost it he has not!



Nanaki said:

Glanced the headline, thought there was a Halo edition of Wii Fit. Slightly let down now

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