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New "The Conduit" Details

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Details have surfaced during New York's Comic Con, the game should be out in June (US) and won't include local multi player.

According to Eric Nofsinger, Chief Creative Officer, there'll be a lack of spilt screen multiplayer, but still having strong online features. Apparently the team tried to enable multiplayer play using LAN, but Nintendo wouldn't have it. The game is currently penned for a June 9th 2009 US release, published by SEGA.

High Voltage seemed disappointed with the lack of local multiplayer, but suggest it might be available in a sequel to the game - something that looks very likely. We've no word on a European release date at present but late summer looks possible.

The game was also demoed by developers at Comic Con, something you can watch here:


High expectations sit on this after its impressive showing at last year's E3, will High Voltage be able to pull it off? SEGA sure hope so.


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Zenman said:

and to me the enemies look a bit like bulky space pirates (from MP3:C)



Damo said:

I always struggle to get excited about FPS games on the Wii - put this next to Halo 3 and it looks pretty average. However, if it can offer something new then I'll certainly give it a chance. The Wii's control setup is excellent for this genre.



James said:

Not really a fair comparison Damo - a multi-million title on far superior hardware compared to an almost-unknown developer working on the world's only hamster-powered home console!

Personally I think some of the design is really interesting - the tree roots going down the corridors stand out in particular. If they get the weapons right this should be good!

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