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Nintendo Channel: Ian Livingstone C64 Interview

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Some of our readers have informed us that there's another C64 interview available on the Nintendo Channel in select European countries - This one's with Ian Livingstone, the co-creator of Games Workshop, nowadays mostly known for their Warhammer franchise of board and videogames. Ian also created Fighting Fantasy, a popular choose your own adventure book series.

As in the John Rowlands interview, the focus is mostly on the memories of playing C64 games and what his favourite one is. Naturally we also see him playing the game on the VC, because it is available.

Unlike the previous interview, this one's not split into parts. You can view the whole thing below:

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Kafei2006 said:

Boulder dash. my personnal favorite as well... (but i'd choose the second episode over the first one though)



maka said:

I loved the Fighting Fantasy books back then. I was hooked to many different series



Shiryu said:

If this name doesn't ring you an instant bell, youre probably not 30 like me, so dont fell bad. He and Steve Jackson revolucionised a lot of things you take for granted nowadays in video/tabletop games. Good times!



RadioShadow said:

"Gameplay, Gameplay, Gameplay"

Indeed. Just with today's technology, graphics usually come first in a lot of cases.



ness said:

As i said in the other news before, very nice to see stuff like that in the Nintendo-Channel.



Terra said:

"Just with today's technology, graphics usually come first in a lot of cases."

Yeah, but to be fair, Games could have the greatest gameplay for it's genre but if Graphics don't match up to the current market expectations (or current at the time), then customers might be reluctant to buy the game or it could be a hard sale for Devs to market well, unless it's deliberately done in a particular style, like Mega Man 9 (and no, Crap style doesn't count Shovelware Devs).

Sad fact but it happens. I once made the mistake of buying a game on the fact that it looked good, Shadowrun on the 360. Fortunately, it was in a 4 for £20 offer and it got that £5 back. Let us speak no more.



Gabbo said:

Heh, not to derail the thread but I love Shadowrun on the 360 and still play it. Just a couple days ago, in fact. Sure it has no single player, but I enjoy its online play alot more than Halo.



Terra said:

If you like it, then great. Heard online play was quite good. It's just not for me though, as I just didn't enjoy it. Also, what do you get when for some reason you buy a (unknowingly) multiplayer only game when you only have 1 controller and very limited access to online? The answer is either epic failure or getting massively owned. Oh well, there are still lots of fish in this virtual sea.



Betagam7 said:

Awful cringeworthy reviewer.

2000 points for boulderdash. Livingstone you have been ripped off.



buzz_clik said:

@5 & 12 - Agreed. I still flick through one every now and then to get a nostalgic rush. I used to think House of Hell was one of the coolest things ever as a kid. FF FTW!



Viral said:

Right....and this why I own a Wii, not for the graphics, for the game play and unique games.



Betagam7 said:

Then why didn't he ask him to pick four?
I couldn't stand to listen to it because the interviewer made me want to eat my own face in embarrassment.
A geek interviewing a mega-geek = cringetastic



Kelvin said:

@lordboswer I'm not sure Livingstone has much involvement with the Warhammer behemoth nowadays (I don't even know if he's still associated with GW beyond being a major shareholder), but it's true that the franchise (and many others) wouldn't exist without Livingstone and Steve Jackson.



ness said:

@ RadioShadow (#20): "Why wear headphones while interviewing someone?"

Maybe to hear him better?



truercki said:

I have seen the new virtual console video on the Nintendo Channel, a guy called Jon Hare. I think he has at least one valid point, that we do not take care of the heritage of computer games. nice interview.

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