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Miyamoto - Not Deterred By Unfavourable Wii Music Reviews

Posted by Anthony Dickens

Shiggys has responded to some of the harsh critique his latest game, Wii Music, has incurred on the Internet, basically explaining that the typical reviewer, the hardcore gamer, probably doesn't get the point of the game.

There’s two ways I can talk about that. One is, I think — you point out the IGN review in particular. And my guess is that rather than it being an instance that the individual who wrote that — I’m not sure if it was Matt [Casamassina, IGN's Wii editor] or not — but whoever wrote that review, I think that the perception is because they’re a core gamer they don’t like “Wii Music.” And, in fact, what I think is that the ideas behind “Wii Music” simply didn’t resonate with that individual. I don’t think it was a case of: because they like games, they don’t like “Wii Music.” That person simply didn’t like what we presented in ‘Wii Music.’ I think the other thing to us that’s very important is there’s two things. Number one is that we continue to work on the same types of games that we have made for many, many years. Beyond that, we have branched out and we are creating additional products aside from those that, like “Wii Music” and like “Wii Fit” are very different in tyle and have a very broad appeal. The way that our teams work, as I mentioned earlier, is that a lot of the team members, let’s say for example from a “Mario” or a “Zelda” team, will swap in and out among different teams. And so I think internally for us, the ability to have people who have been working on the same game for many, many years and to be able to take a break from it and work on a product like “Wii Music,” where they’re able to look at design from a different perspective and broaden their own perspective in terms of the types of things that you can do in interactive entertainment [is good.].

Call me what you will, call me a fanboy but Miyamoto has a point here. Having played the game I can completely understand where and why some reviews are being negative about the game, its quite simply down to the product not being aimed that that type of gamer, for example if you hate RPGs; as a reviewer your always going to score RPGs lower, because you don't like them. I feel that's kind of what has happened here, people have wanted to play the game because its Nintendo, because its Miyamoto rather than because they actually like the sound of the game.

Reviews on the other hand are about peoples personal opinion and their personal experience of the game, so Matt isn't lying by saying he didn't like it, however that doesn't necessarily make it a bad game. Perhaps these high profile sites just need to be a little more selective of who they chose to review the game for exactly the same reasons I don't review RPGs on this site, I bloomin' hate them.



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Damo said:

Could this be the start of the Wii backlash? Hardcore gamers should stick with Guitar Hero, it's clear that Wii Music is aimed at family gamers and casuals.



Wiiloveit said:

I thought I was the only core gamer/games reviewer that hated RPGs!
Oh, and your Wii Music review was probably the best one I've seen so far (in terms of quality).



SuperMarioX said:

How do you know if your "Hardcore" or "casual"? Cuz I'm thinking of getting Guitar Hero. Wii Music to me doesn't look to bad but Guitar Hero looks better.



antdickens said:

Hardcore gamer is usually someone that is very familiar with video games and has usually well versed in all types of games, basically the kind of gamer that wants something abit more complicated, something that might actually take some time and/or effort. Basically, the opposite of the casual gamer that just wants to pick-up-and-play for a short amount of time.



antdickens said:

@Wiiloveit, thanks, really glad you liked the review, I think some people have just basically attacked it, rather than looking at what it actually is.



Wiiloveit said:

Wii Music's kinda like Cooking Guide for DS, but with music rather than cooking, and a bit like going on Pictochat when others may/may not be there, 'cos it's just a bit of creative fun (but with less penises) - however people seem to want to review the former like a game, whilst still treating the others like you'd expect. I'm still gonna give it a try (though I am only renting it due tp GH's bloody £150 price point...) because overall, it just looks like a game where you get out what you put in. And you get to play the famicom.



sotu said:

I think the game is best enjoyed with your kids and after you've unlocked a decent collection of music. It definitely gets better as you play.



LinktotheFuture said:

Wii Music isn't really a game, so that is why I think a lot of people who love Guitar Hero don't like Wii Music. It is good for what it is, but could be a lot better. If they make a Wii Music 2, I would be interested for sure, but there are a lot of improvements that need to be made. Great start, though.

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