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Mario Kart, Wii Fit And Smash Bros. Dated

Posted by Sammy Barker

Deciding to get their arse into gear for once Nintendo of Europe actually made some announcements the people wanted to hear.

Mario Kart will be released on April 11th in Europe, one day after the Japanese version gets a release. The game will take the Mario Kart series onto Nintendo Wi-Fi for the second time (Mario Kart DS being the first to feature online play). Including in this iteration of the game will be motorbikes aswell as karts and also stunts.

We're a little bit sceptical over this early release date for Mario Kart Wii seeing as some recent screenshots didn't really show off the game in it's best possible light.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl is likely to be a summer hit with Nintendo penning in the release date as June 8th for probably the most anticipated Wii game this year.

Wii Fit has also been confirmed for 25th April (just two weeks after Mario Kart) by, however we're still waiting for the official line from Nintendo on this one. We'll keep you updated.


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motang said:

I wasn't really into Mario Kart until now. I loved Mario Kart on the SNES but skipped the N64 and GC versions, but picked up the DS version and loved the online play. So I am really looking forward to the Wii version because it is going to online (same reason why I am anxiously waiting Brawl to come out).



Damo said:

That's three of the biggest games of the year right there...Nintendo will clear up with software like this

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