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Europe VC Releases - 6th July - Sega Megadrive day!

Posted by Darren Calvert

A bumper week for the Sega Megadrive. 3 sequels as well, very funny!

It's great to see Sonic 2 finally, a game well worth downloading, now Sonic has a spin he can charge on the spot and his buddy Tails.

Ecco: The Tides of Time manages to improve on the excellent original game with 3D style levels and many cool new gameplay features.

Golden Axe II is more of the same unfortunately. It doesn't sound like such a bad thing but the sequel sort of loses something of the magic of the original and is a bit of a dull, uninspired game on the whole.

With all the Megadrive goodies it would be tempting to overlook the offering on the TurboGrafx this week which would be a shame. Dragon Spirit is another vertical scrolling shoot-em-up, it's quite unique and worth a look even if it is not quite as brilliant as the mighty Solider Blade.

Check out this week's reviews:

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Megadrive - 800 points

Ecco: The Tides of Time - Megadrive - 800 points

Golden Axe II - Megadrive - 800 points

Dragon Spirit - TurboGrafx-16 - 600 points

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Jaxathon said:

I was never a fan of ecco but Sonic I will prolly download sometime soon.



PlayerOne said:

All three MD games are on the Mega Drive Collection for the PSP (and PS2), which also has about 25 other games, extras, wireless multiplayer and no PAL/NTSC issues, and can be found at less than the cost of these three games. Although obviously that's little consolation if you don't have a PSP.



Stuo said:

I think i may get Sonic 2 tryin to play 2 player was always fun. I was hoping for SF2 turbo, but guess ill just have to keep waiting. Enjoy though peeps!
on a slight side not, this page rocks as a resource for the wii VC releases, is there any site like this for PS3 online shop, releases and reviews and the like??



THE_AG said:

I already have does games on MegaDrive Collection...
But for you who don't have Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on MegaDrive or have no plans buying it on any Collection disk whould not be disappointed. If you find the first Sonic the Hedgehog entertaining, then this one is really woth does 800 Points. This really is Sonic's finest hour...



Kelvin said:

Sonic 2! Yes!!! One of the finest games ever made for the MD, and I'll be downloading it, despite owning it a number of times over.

Essential purchase.



RGVEDA said:

Finally a really good week for us Europeans I am happy

I hope the last 11 games will fill the gap between Europe and USA the next weeks



Razor61289 said:

Come on Paper Mario. The Megadrive games are already on a collection disc. Not really interested in those games because of that. I think that we need to see more Snes platformers or at least a decent N64 game. This is probably good for those Sega fans out there. I am waiting for a Sega game though that isn't on a collection disc and is something I've never heard of. As for the TurboGX. The game is probably quite good but vertical shooting games are not really the type of thing I would play. Wheres the classic Earthworm Jim for Megadrive. Games like that are the stuff of legends!

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