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US VC Releases - 7th May - Final Fight, Ordyne

Posted by Darren Calvert

A pretty cool week for North American gamers this week. Despite missing a character from the arcade and the 2 player option Final Fight is still one of the best scrolling beat-em-ups on the SNES. Ordyne is a fun horizonally scrolling shoot-em-up perhaps not many will remember on the TG-16, think Paradious, it's a really fun game and deserves a look. Last but not least is Mighty Bomb Jack which is a average platformer on the NES, check it out if you have fond memories but you can do much better on the NES platform.

Check out the reviews:

Final Fight - SNES - 800 Points

Ordyne - TG-16 - 600 Points

Mighty Bomb Jack - NES - 500 Points


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trakartist said:

I still ovn Final Fight for the SNES, and still play it. No interest in the others... Oh well...



Don-Bon said:

Yes! I've been waiting for Final Fight! I will download that game for sure. I might download Ordyne but I know I will skip Bomb Jack.



Icethunder89 said:

Why is some of the Virtual Console so Dumb?
What happened to Duke Nukem and Smash Bros. along with Mortal Kombat 1,2,3,4,Trilogy, Mythologies, Ultimate 3, Mario Party 1,2,3, and other fun 4-player games from the past 20 years.



Adam said:

"Icethunder89 (USA) - 07 May 2007, 20:36 GMT

Why is some of the Virtual Console so Dumb?
What happened to Duke Nukem and Smash Bros. along with Mortal Kombat 1,2,3,4,Trilogy, Mythologies, Ultimate 3, Mario Party 1,2,3, and other fun 4-player games from the past 20 years."

Most of those are closer to 10 than 20. Unless you're talking the platformer Duke Nukem which is way out of place amongst the other titles.

P.S. Why so much aggression with the MK line-up?



BigBeaverEater said:

Where is Super Punch out, I look forward to this every week and nothing. Put a least one AWSOME hit a week because you guys (nintendo) have alot of them.



Mega_X_Gundam said:

I wonder if they are going to ever put Gameboy games or Game gear games on the VC? I would love to play GameGear games on the VC cus my GameGear would never have a long enough charge to make it an hour.



Indecipherable said:

As I see it, i bought wii points for nothing this week. awesome, but maybe next week will bring some titles that are worthy of purchase.



William said:

*sigh* Still no Zelda II... I've been waiting and waiting for weeks for that to come to the VC console... another week... another Monday... hopefully next Monday! If not... another Monday. *grins* Trust me, guys... Zelda II rocks (as well as Zelda, Zelda: OoT, and Zelda: ALTTP). Forgot to mention Zelda: Link's Awakening. Note: Zelda = "The Legend of Zelda" (U get the picture).



If you want Super Punch Out I recommend getting Fight Night Round 2 for the gamecube. You can get it cheap and you will get Super Punch Out and a good modern boxing game too. Super Punch Out is not locked either you have it at the start of the game.



Walan said:

Hmmm, I thought posts saying "When is X game or Y game coming out!?" weren't going to be posted anymore. If I hear one more American complain about the lack of Zelda II, I'll go crazy.

Regardless, good week this week. Final Fight and Mighty Bomb Jack are passable to me, but Ordyne looks like a fun little shooter to put some cash towards.



Ghetto_ninja said:

Well go crazy cus i would rather play any Zelda game than these POS titles released this week. Cool um final fight gee wonder why Streets of Rage 2 and 3 aren't out so i can waste my points on Final Fight and have to buy more for Streets later. F you Nintendo. These games look like games i wouldn't buy when they were first released so why would i buy them now?



wolverine said:

If the nintendo executives were smart, they'd release at least 10-15 games (from their massive library) per week and throw in a few of there best sellers from the 80's to please their fans that made them billionares. The heads of nintendo complain about a lack of sales with the VC.....if only they paid some attention to what their buyers wanted. I'm dying for a few: Star Tropics, Metal Gear, Bionic Commando and Blades of Steel to name some!!!!! Come on Nintendo, it costs you nothing to release more games.



Bass_X0 said:

But if they did that Wolvie, there would be less people trying out the unknown or poor quality titles whereas everyone would get the known good games whether they be now or months later and be they in a lot of three or a lot of ten. Nintendo know what they are doing, its just frustrating for us.



Asherdude said:

What? No love for Ordyne? I downloaded that as soon as I noticed it was up for grabs. And I've been playing it all day too!

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