Nintendo made 400,000 consoles into the Japanese market which meant that a lot of gamers were left empty handed as demand far outstripped supply.

This means we can conclude that coupled with Nintendo's statement of the Wii selling over 600,000 consoles in America, that Nintendo have now sold around about 1 million consoles so far.

While we would rather wait for the official sales figures from Nintendo, the sources are sounding pretty conclusive about the fact that 400,000 Wii's were supplied and all were sold due to the high level of demand for the console, of which we could only conclude would push the Wii's total sales into the million mark. We''ll keep you updated on the accurate sales figures as soon as we get them.

Many Japanese gamers were forced into preordering their Wii to ensure they received a console, while those who didn't faced a long night of queueing.

Famous electronics store Bic Camera in Tokyo had around 3,000 eager gamers waiting outside hoping to get their hands on a Wii console but at around 05:40 local time gamers started to be turned away due to the lack of stock.