According to a article posted by Matt Casamassina, sources have told IGN that Nintendo plan to unveil the title later this month.

"Sources close to Nintendo of Europe tell IGN that the company is underway with a sequel to the hit GameCube sports title Super Mario Strikers. Furthermore, insiders allege that the title could be unveiled later this month at the Games Convention 2006 in Leipzig, Germany."

It would seem like a pretty good idea as personally I felt Mario Smash Football was one of the better "Mario Sports" titles that had a release on Gamecube, however I'm unsure as to how the game would be adapted to use the Wii-mote.

Mario Smash Football (or Super Mario Strikers in the US) blends classic football action with well known Nintendo characters and Mario Kart style weaponry. The title actually sold pretty well on the Gamecube, IGN stating the game has sold over 500,000 copies since its launch.

Obviously we'll have to wait for an official announcement regarding this game, but in the mean time why not check out our review of the Gamecube title Mario Smash Football.

[via wii.ign.com]