Furthermore you probably won't be surprised to hear the fact that there has been no conformation of this DS reaching any areas outside of Japan (well, other than eBay at a silly price that is).

According to SPOnG.com
"The system will be bundled with Final Fantasy III and released in strictly limited numbers. We hear it's 10,000, though this is unconfirmed at time of going to press. What is confirmed is that it'll cost 22,780 Yen for the bundle and will be on eBay at three times that amount by the afternoon of August 24"

So with only 10,000 units available there will be a certain rush to preorder the machine which is priced at about $200/ £110. The Japanese love Final Fantasy, heck everyone does!, so the chances are that people have already started queuing outside stores

And it's not just SquareEnix who get a new DS Lite. Konami, the publishers of Wining Eleven (otherwise known as Pro Evolution Soccer, PES), will be releasing their own themed DS to coincide with the latest installment of their football game. From what is know, this DS is black and sports the Winning Eleven logo (sports, get it!?).

Both machines can be expected to stay in Japan, but we do hold some hopes still.

Well it looks like the score is Japan 2 - The Rest of the World 0

[via news.spong.com]