In a article published by BBC News, the future is very bright for Nintendo and the Japanese gaming industry.

"Revenue from games and hardware totalled 277 billion Yen (£1.3 billion), up from 207 billion Yen in the same period of 2005."

This is largely to-do with the success in handheld markets, Nintendo have sold 2.6 million units of its handheld DS lite and a further 1.3 million of the original DS. Although Sony have sold under a million of its PlayStation portable.

"Overall, the Japanese software market grew over 30% to nearly 175 billion Yen. Shares in Nintendo also hit a four year high of 20,390 Yen."

This news should keep share holders very happy for the time being and should even increase investment in everyone's favourite gaming company.

[via news.bbc.co.uk]