Forum junkies may think they've unearthed the final secrets from Nintendo Wii, sadly we're not so sure. Posted to Nintendo's very own message board is an article claimed to be sourced from the next issue of Game Informer magazine (those guys that had the Red Steel exclusive).

"This article from the upcoming Game Informer magazine focuses on the pros and cons of the development environment of the upcoming Nintendo Wii. As well as revealing the last big secret concerning hardware functionality."

Obviously we'd like to reiterate that everything in this article is unconfirmed and should be considered rumours. Now, the subject of that last big secret in Wii:

"Wii will include a built-in decent resolution camera that can be used to add your face to character models and add innovation to games. These snapshots can be tweaked as well. It is still being decided whether to allow camera to record and stream video. Mention made to have this feature be a strong feature in online play."

Its possible. This would certainly tie into what Iwata has been talking about recently with the "user profiles" system alleged to be contained within the Wii console. We've heard that you'll be able to have "your face in the game" on such titles as Wii Sports, so why not make this a system wide feature?

Also, with the success of the eye toy on the PlayStation 2 you would suspect Nintendo might have also looked a video capture and video motion sensing. The more important question is where is this magic camera? In the Wiimote? In the Console? Another accessory? No-one knows.

The full post offers some more rumoured features such as a wireless headset, that would be available at launch and SD cards that would range from 2GB to 7GB and will be priced “within reason”.

Nintendo must be quietly happy, the Wii has certainly got everyone talking about Nintendo and trying to guess the final functionality of the upcoming console.

We'll keep you posted as news developers.

[via forums.nintendo.com]