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Wii Light Gun Controller Revealed

Posted by Kevin Cortez

Nintendo reveal more Wii goodies in the form of a Light Gun attachment. It's just too cool..

Photographs from today at E3 have revealed a revolutionary Light Gun for Nintendo Wii. Is this not the coolest light gun you have ever seen? This is supposed to come with the new Duck Hunt Wii game, perhaps it'll be bundled together.

The light gun seems to attach to the bottom of the Wii remote to create a pointer, certainly a new way to create controllers. This method of attachment could lead to lots of different combinations and interesting ideas!

We should see some more information about the Light Gun and Duck Hunt over the coming days, check back soon.

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Nanaki said:

Well it sure is clever how they add the Wii-mote to the handle to create the Gun... please lets hear of some Namco-Bandai support coming its way!



antdickens said:

That's really cool, I'm actually quite a big fan of gun games.. I had the guns for pretty much all consoles I've owned

Hopefully Sega will release House of the Dead 4 & 5 on the Wii, that'd be the shizzle.



Masterless said:

I only just realised the new gun is only a handle. Really good idea. And a bit of plastic can't cost much to make so hopefully it will be bundled with the Wii. Time Crisis is a must though.

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