Since the launch of DS, Nintendo have offered gamers a new way to play, the touch screen system certainly disrupted the gaming world. From today, the mature range of "touchable" DS titles will be branded as "Touch! Generations".

Are you tired of endless sequels that feel like the same old game over and over again? Or perhaps you’ve never considered gaming before? Nintendo is offering gamers an opportunity to experience something unique with a range of innovative new software. Nintendo invites you to train your brain, raise a pet puppy and even create a piece of audio-visual art with its new Touch! Generations range."

Nintendo have positioned themselves away from crowd and want to appeal to new gamers, in fact they want their games to have something for everyone. The concept behind the upcoming Wii console only reiterates that.

"Nintendo recognises that everyone is different and has different interests and requirements from their games. Touch! Generations is a new range of software developed by Nintendo, which will appeal to people of all age groups, irrespective of ability or experience. All Touch! Generations software will be clearly labelled with the new Touch! Generations logo, allowing people to instantly identify these unique titles."

The new Touch! Generations series includes titles such as Nintendogs, the definitive virtual pet; Tetris DS, the remastered masterpiece; Electroplankton, the creative musical workshop; Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? & Big Brain Academy the Japanese brain stimulation games.

Gamers can find out more information on the Touch! Generations website.

[via touchgenerations.com]