Jack Thompson), that guy that seems to believe video games are work of the devil has today written an open letter to U2 frontman, Bono. Why? Bono is a key investor for the "Elevation Partners" company, whom may launch an acquisition bid for Take Two, publisher for those naughty Grand Theft Auto games.

"Dear Bono, I write you as a fellow brother in Jesus Christ, appreciative of your bold witness to the transforming truth of the Gospel, in both your words and your deeds... I write to encourage you, respectfully and in a spirit of brotherly love, not to purchase Take Two Interactive Software, Inc."

At this point, I'd like to say that I'm joking... alas, I am not. If you read this letter, Thompson seems convinced that we should blame video games for behavior and crime related issues. Obviously he's not looked at his history books recently, I don't remember any dictatorships blaming their Xbox 360 for their woes. Oh and movies, they must be the devil too. Now that we've seen Brokeback Mountain, does that mean we're all gay? I wonder what Thompson's view on that is.

C'mon Jack, tell us what your really thinking.

[via eurogamer.net]