Vampire Crystals (WiiWare)

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Once upon a time... in a place called Creepyland,where zombies and vampires coexisted peacefully.

Vampires kept the zombies well drained by sucking their blood and Zombies ate Vampires that died from old age or illness. But on a fateful day, all this changed...


  • Transform yourself into a brave vampire and lead the fight against the ruthless zombies. Destroy everything you come across, including the stage.
  • You will have lots of weapons and items to help you in your adventure.
  • Story mode with three different worlds and final enemies.
  • Co-op mode and three multiplayer modes for up to four players so you can play with your friends and family.

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Posted by Ron DelVillano

Vampires, they don’t always suck

One fact that we all need to face is that fast-paced and frantic video games will never go out of style. Whether they’re classics being played on an arcade cabinet or new entries on a home console, intense action coupled with multiplayer mayhem can be...

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marktheshark said:

I've played the demo of this. My impressions:

Graphics and sound are pretty underwhelming. Some sound effects don't have as much oomph in them as they should. To be fair, though, it's a Wiiware game.

When you first play the game, you have to create a profile, and then pick a character. I don't know if you can change characters though. There's around several characters to pick from, around 4-6.

To clear a stage, you must kill a certain number of zombies as well as collect a certain number of crystals. They don't change up the objectives in the demo version at all. I'm not sure about the full version though as I haven't played that yet. It can get pretty tedious for some.

There are 4 stages in the demo version. The fourth stage has a boss fight and the demo ends soon after the fight starts.

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