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Pucca has one great dream in her life, to kiss her sweet and tender Garu, the little Ninja, who does not have the slightest desire in the world to do so!

But Pucca is a young lady who is as much in love as stubborn in her pursuit of Garu, truly determined to cover him with kisses.

A fun-filled and interactive cartoon, Pucca's kisses game, will enable you, using the Wii Remote, to put the episode on pause whenever Pucca faces an obstacle or is in danger, to help her overcome it before heading out once again in pursuit of her loved one, Garu. At the end of each sprint, Garu must be found again, who attempts, for the last time, to hide before being covered in kisses!

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Posted by Dom Liddle

No! Come back! Keep reading!

For anybody who isn't aware, the eponymous character in Pucca's Kisses Game is a Disney-owned franchise. The cutesy 10-year old spends most of her many cartoon appearances running around attempting to kiss a ninja named Garu who, in turn, is pursued...

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