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Sega's wacky send-up of 8-bit NES-era console games references classic platformers from Mario to Master Higgins and Kunio Kun.

Humourous references abound, from power-ups that make your hero become so super he grows until he flies off the screen, to intentional slow-downs and graphical glitches -- just like real, buggy NES games!

Sadly this game is presently an import-only affair with no sign of localisation on the horizon, so you'll need a Japanese Wii in order to download and enjoy it for yourself.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

Big, crazy, amazing

This game has garnered some attention - partly because it's from Sega and it's an 8-bit retro platformer, but mostly because it's filled with the wacky humour the Japanese have come to be known for. Despite having a large amount of Japanese audio text,...

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KeeperBvK said:

This is the WiiWare game I'd be looking forward to the most...if only there truly still was a chance this'd ever grace Western Wiis.

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