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The penguins are hungry and need your help. Catch all the fish you can before someone steals them from you. Strategy is fundamental in this exciting game.

Keep moving ahead of the other penguins so you don't get trapped, and try to get to the ice floes that hold more fish. One to four players can play Penguins & Friends at the same time, provided they can handle the polar cold. The board is made up of ice blocks with a set number of fish under them. The ice blocks are hexagonal and form a structure like a beehive. The starting position of the ice blocks can change, creating different game boards.

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Posted by Paul Schreiner

Cool as ice or a bit fishy?

What does a short supply of fish, a continually sinking ice float, and a bunch of greedy penguins have in common? They all star in the board game 'Hey! That's My Fish!' which was originally brought to the gaming scene by Phalanx Games and which is now...

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User Comments (10)



Wiiloveit said:

Let's hope that this is better than Family and Friends Party, though the puzzling doesn't look too exciting at the moment.

Also: after a quick glance at the official website, I noticed a tab entitled "requeriments". Spelling fail!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I can already tell that this will probably do better than F&FP... at least, we can hope. I hope they continue the Board Game approach though. I'd love to see more from other developers even including Online Play but having Gammick get the genre moving more on WiiWare is nice.



McPhage said:

Excellent! This is a port of a great board game--cute and friendly on the outside but with a vicious core of strategy to make it interesting. Its only problem is setup time--so a virtual version is very welcome!

I think the comments for this review on BGG say it perfectly:



ejamer said:

I don't know how good the WiiWare implementation will be... but this is a very fun board game that typically sells for considerably more than $8. Kids can play because the rules are simple, but the strategy is deep enough that adults can play very competitive games - making cut-throat moves to limit their opponents. Not having to set up/put away pieces only makes it better in my opinion.

Here's hoping we see an option for online play.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Too bad there was no online play but the same case was true of Jungle Speed and some of us know how well that turned out! Definitely a great multiplayer experience. If others have a good experience after downloading this, it'll motivate me to get this as I have just enough Points to get it. I hope Gammack continues with the Board Game approach. I'm a huge fan of Board Games myself and seeing BG's on WiiWare is just great. There really is a need for them.

@ejamer: Over here in Canada, the game's even more expensive than that. $20 or more. The value on this is great, as a result.



asunbeam said:

I really like the game but it doesn't seem to be on wiiware anymore. Does anyone know how to get it? We had gotten if for my nieces on their wii probably about a year ago.

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