My Dolphin (WiiWare)

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You are a dolphin trainer.

Use the magical stick (Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™ controllers) to perform in lifelike dolphin shows. Teach your dolphin tricks and have fun watching your dolphin swim and play elegantly with different scenes, music and angles. This game lets you train your dolphin, compete in dolphin shows and watch your dolphin swim freely. Using Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection Pay & Play, you can become friends with other dolphins that have different colors and personalities. You can also buy new toys such as rings and balls for your dolphin to play with.

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Posted by Spencer McIlvaine

Now you’re playing with power. Dolphin power.

My Dolphin is the dolphin training simulator for the Wii for which everyone's been clamouring for years. Using the Wii Remote, players guide their aquatic pal through a performance to carry out jumps, spins, back flips and other tricks in order to...

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User Comments (7)



Sneaker13 said:

My sister would probably love this. But it won't be a winner in the top 20, it got no fish .



Klapaucius said:

Is Hudson not making this? The English title sounds like they're trying to associatethis with My Aquarium and My Zoo. What next? My Mario?




I don't think I'll get it BUT this could actually work quite well as a animal sim game. They should've called it "Nintendolphins"



Kurachi said:

tony hawk in water, lol
just like tony hawk, as i see, its about tricks to gain points
i'm not really a fan of that, but if it was more advanced, it might be very popular to anyone
but this might be good aswell



Virus said:

I'm thoroughly enjoying the American trailer and its horribly translated English; it helps make a crappy game at least look hilarious.

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