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Experience the sound of screeching tyres, the smell of burned rubber, the rush of adrenaline and enemies that are left in your dust – these are the emotions that drive real racers.

However there is much more than this in the world of Monochrome Racing – there is the passion for colour!

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Posted by Peter Willington

Unintelligent design

One of the best modes in the Micro Machines games was undoubtedly “Head-To-Head”, in which the goal was to reach the furthest edge of the screen while pushing an opponent to the opposite side. The balance of risk and reward resulted in a nail biting...

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NotEnoughGolds said:

Me too.
I hope that camera spinning thing is an option, because I have no trouble telling left from right no matter what direction the car on the screen is facing.



Wasley5 said:

This game sucks!!! Its not even a real racing game. The so called races last for 3-5 seconds, you repair your car or whatever your driving and thats it! Very poor game. I dont recommend this to anyone!!!! 0/10 from me



skycat561 said:

how do you request an update to the overview? this had a USA release of 8/4/2011

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