Gods vs. Humans (WiiWare)

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You embody major Gods from the most fabulous mythologies: Scandinavian, Egyptian, Roman and Japanese.

As a god, you have enough power to rule the humans. All but cheeky ones! Some of them want to enter your domain. They have decided to build a tower to confront you.

Use your divine powers to bring them down and show who the boss is. Be careful not to hurt them though, you need people to believe in you!

  • 60 levels for the solo campaign
  • 16 playable gods, each with specific powers
  • 4 different mythologies to discover
  • 4 hysterical bosses to defeat
  • 16 additional challenges for the experienced players
  • 2-player special mode in split screen

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Nobody wins?

So far, games priced at 1500 Wii Points have either been at the top or at the bottom of the spectrum; none of them have been anywhere in between. The fifth title to receive this price tag, Gods vs. Humans, might be the first game to fill in that empty...

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First Impressions: Gods vs. Humans

Gods vs. Humans

Tower power

Fresh from the first footage of in-game action, a preview build of Gods vs. Humans arrived at Nintendo Life HQ for us to get to grips with. Taking in several stages as the Egyptian God Osiris, the demo offers a sneak peek at what to expect from the finished product. Despite some similarities to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord, Gods vs. Humans plays very diffe

News: Gods vs Humans Smites You with In-Game Teaser

Gods vs Humans Smites You with In-Game Teaser

WiiWare deities on the move

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The first in-game footage from Gods vs. Humans, Zallag's upcoming WiiWare tower-smashing outing

User Comments (7)



iAmThetot said:

"Strategy" - How vague. Would really like to see some gameplay, will stay tuned...



Kriedler said:

Anybody else getting a heavy Rabbids vibe off of this? Still, though, I could deal with these guys in a strategy game



talkingmr_muffin said:

I'm slightly confused. Usasly in trailers like this it will turn into another rayman. but, there's that 1 percent chance that the game will end to be something extremely violent. I'm with iamthetot. Show us some gameplay!!! But besides that, it looks fun.

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