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Five chicks on your side, five chicks on the other. BOOM!

Beat the opposing chick team, but there is a twist! In chick chick BOOM you throw pianos, pink elephants and Sumo chicks or summon slimy giant jellyfish and real UFOs.

Draw lines in the arena to defend against your opponent's attacks - the skill lies in your use of ink, creativity and timing! Extra help is provided by a corncob and a piñata. Yes really!

Play on your own or with friends - as a team or against each other! To keep things interesting there are various game modes and different arenas, each with their own special attack.


  • Single and Multiplayer: 1-4 (in a team or against each other)
  • Offensive Moves: more than 20 entertaining attacks
  • 3 Arenas: City, Ship and Haunted Wood
  • 15 Teams: 5 available immediately and 10 others to unlock
  • 3 Game Modes: Duel Mode, Time Mode, Pro Mode
  • Records: Your best scores will be saved… for you to beat

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Bursting with goodness

Most people may not know it, but this little game has a bit of history behind it. Around Christmas of 2006, Nintendo of Europe launched a website with a Christmas-themed platform game that could only be played for a limited amount of time. It was quite...

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iwiica said:

@zestygrapefruit: glad to hear that you are enjoying it.

we all at tons of bits are right now like little jumping chicks. totally happy that our game is online finally. :-)



TLink9 said:

I was expecting a 9/10 or 10/10 this game is excellent. Great job ton of bits.



iwiica said:

Thanks for honoring our work TLink9. We are a small team and we invested a big portion of our private savings to polish on it until the bitter end. Now it is up to gamers to decide if it is fun or not. ;-)
US release is coming soon (waiting for the go at Nintendo). Stay tuned!
ivica - tons of bits



winter123 said:

I hate how you are FORCED to buy this now. I played this online when it came out and it was awesome. Wii remote is much less precise than a mouse. I somehow completed World of Goo on wii, then i see videos of people on the PC doing crazy speed runs and I'm annoyed I can't do them on Wii.

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