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Paint across five stacked canvas layers. View your artwork hanging on the walls. Share your creations in 2D and 3D.

SDK Paint offers a unique way to get the artistic juices flowing by stacking the drawing canvas onto five layers, each of which can be independently manipulated in the 4 modes, using numerous brushes, filters, and shaders. While creating artwork with the Wii U GamePad's touch screen, the display mirrors onto the television set for all in the room to enjoy.

SDK Paint comes with several Stencils, which are lineart underlays that assist in creating artwork, and a mode called Galleries, which features several explorable rooms that have all the saved artwork mounted on the walls. Galleries mode supports several control schemes. Artwork can also be prepared for Miiverse in Sharing mode, by configuring output of either 2D or anaglyph 3D (special glasses required for viewing) in the screenshot.

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Posted by Jowi Meli

Just OK Paint

SDK Paint has an interesting history. Its developer, Hullbreach Studios, began making JavaScript applications for Wii, Nintendo DSi, and Nintendo 3DS using their respective Internet browsers. These include both the initial versions of SDK Paint — DSi...

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9th_Sage said:

Hard to review something like this when no games that are compatible with it are released. I feel like this company has their priorities skewed (maybe get some games out first eh?).

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