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Ballpoint Universe is a side-scrolling shooter / platform adventure game about a doodle named Doodle. Every bit of the game has been drawn with a ballpoint pen to build immaculate environments.

Classic space shooter gameplay! Shoot and dodge through a hell-storm of enemies to obliterate the deranged doodles and the Logician scourge. Fight for the future of creativity itself! Explore doodle realms, meet intriguing, eccentric characters, get hints and items to aid your quest. Upgrades! Fully fledged 4 slot customization system; customize your ship with the gear you acquire along your journey. Equip for the needs for a certain mission; do you need a shield and sword? sword and gun? Gun and gun? Exploit the enemy fleet's weaknesses and overcome their systematic genocide of imagination!

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Posted by Tim Latshaw

Scribbles and bits

Creatively, the world of Ballpoint Universe: Infinite possesses an enchantingly bizarre kind of beauty that sets it apart. It truly feels like a tribute to the underappreciated act of doodling, where both mind and pen wander to create wide, rolling swaths...

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TRON said:

Downloaded this on a whim, and I have to say it's pretty good. Very creative and a overall good mashup or genres. It's not perfect, but worth a fiver.

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