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In Wii Play, the star of the game is you! Create your own personal Mii character with the Wii console's built-in Mii Channel and then play as yourself in this compilation of nine simple, fun games like target shooting, table tennis and fishing.

Wii Play comes bundled with a free Wii Remote, so a friend can instantly join in the action in any of the included games. You can play at home or save your Mii on your Wii Remote and play with it on a friend's console, or use any of the six ready-made guest characters.

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Posted by Ryan Steddy

The game that exists so exclusively to introduce you to the Wii Remote, it even gives you one free

Wii Play is developed by Nintendo and its main purpose is to introduce players who have never used a Wii Remote before to the device. It even says so on the back of the box.Yes you can learn the basics by playing any other game until you get the hang it...

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ds_lover59440 said:

I like Wii Play but as the days go by, it gets boring, ya already know how to play it, but I would like it more if it made more games like, every day maybe, so you could get more excited to play the new game, ya know what I mean?



ds_lover59440 said:

I like Wii Play a little but now that Wii Sports Resort is here that game seems a LOT BETTER than this crappy old boring thing!



luigiman2 said:

It's OK. I like these games better
1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl
2. Super Mario Galexy
3. Wii Sports Resort
and i'm going to get New Super Mario Bros. Wii.



HapsNinFan said:

Games good in this- what, only cow racing, tanking, shooting, and table tennis. And then after that it's boring. More still multiplayer games should have more than 2 people if I want my friends round I cant flip that out ! I'm thinking to sell it on :/ get wii party

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