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We Dance®, exclusively for Wii™, is the ultimate dance party game for up to four players.

Get on the dance-floor as you use the controller, dance mat, or a combination of both, to dance along to 40 chart-smashing songs from some of the world's hottest artists. With dance steps choreographed by professional dancers and great game modes including dance school lessons, party games and a Dance TV jukebox, We Dance is a great party game that everyone can enjoy.

  • 40 CHART-SMASHING DANCE HITS - Four decades of incredible music from all original artists. From classic floor-fillers to modern hits, covering a massively diverse range of genres including rock, pop, disco, rap and hip-hop.
  • FULLY CHOREOGRAPHED DANCE MOVES – Learn the dance moves of professional dancers and perform iconic dance routines from 40 of your best-loved songs.
  • 3 DIFFERENT STYLES OF PLAY - Play using your hands only, with the Wii Remote, feet only, with the dance mat, and when you’ve mastered the moves, try putting both together!
  • MULTIPLAYER FUN! Invite your friends and family to a dance party, with up to four players dancing together!
  • 3 PARTY GAME MODES - For up to four players, featuring ‘Jump, ‘Step’ and ‘Pose’, each with their own style of play.
  • DANCE SCHOOL - Learn the dance moves of professional dancers, with step-by-step instructions.
  • WARM-UP SESSIONS – Get fit the fun way with We Dance! Prepare for those energetic dance moves with warm-up routines.
  • DANCE TV - Play through each of the 40 songs on We Dance whenever you like, with ‘Dance TV’, just like a Jukebox.
  • PERFORMANCE STATISTICS - Check out how well you’ve performed with statistics relating to your dance performance.
  • CHARTS – Leader boards display high scores, for the competitive dancer.
  • DOWNLOAD NEW SONGS AND DANCE MOVES! - Keep things fresh and check out the ‘Dance Shop’ to download all new songs and dance moves.

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Posted by Peter Willington

Don't touch this

When a genre of game saturates a market it's fair to expect that any new title coming out within that style of play must do a good impression of the leaders in the field, in the very least aping what made the forerunners successful, hopefully providing an...

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Zach said:

@JakeTheChao Nintendo probably doesn't allow them to, so people don't think that this has anything to do with the first-party Wii ___ series (Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Play, Wii Play Motion, Wii Music, Wii Party).

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