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News: Tetris Party Deluxe Rotates & Drops Down in Europe This September

Tetris Party Deluxe Rotates & Drops Down in Europe This September

The latest cross-platform puzzler has its release date slotted in

Tetris is one of those franchises that just won't go away, whether you want it to or not. The simplicity of its premise has lead to countless variations in rule-sets, and the latest instalment that's out on the Wii and the DS – Tetris Party Deluxe – has had its European release date confirmed. From 3rd September onwards,..

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Terra said:

A lot of people already have the first Tetris Party. The only way I'd even consider this is if it has a near completely different set of modes to what the original Party had but my guess is that they'll probably just re-release the first game with a few extra modes slapped on.



iphys said:

Do we for sure know this is coming to WiiWare and not a retail release? I heard a rumour it would be retail, but that was when the developer was Majesco rather than Hudson, so I hope they've decided to go with WiiWare again. If they have new tournaments, that would easily justify buying this even if it's not a huge update to the original.

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