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In Soulcalibur Legends, follow the 16th century exploits of Siegfried and Soulcalibur characters, new and old as they find themselves on a quest for ultimate power in order to save an empire from destruction.

Using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as their weapons of choice, players perform moves and combos using orchestrated slashes and movements. Sword fighting capabilities are pushed to the limit as gamers unleash special attacks to crush scores of enemies and large bosses. Earn honored titles such as Knight or Soldier as you master special attacks acquired throughout the adventure while battling through diverse stages and environments. With multiple modes of play and the help of familiar faces, the Soulcalibur universe will be viewed in an entirely new light.

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E3 2007: SoulCalibur Legends

SoulCalibur Legends

Namco show off the new direction for its SoulCalibur franchise, this time the action adventure title Legends.

"SoulCalibur, the unparalleled weapon based fighting game franchise, reinvents itself as Soulcalibur Legends, a 3rd person action adventure, exclusively for the Nintendo Wii console. Soulcalibur Legends follows the 16th century exploits of...

News: Soul Calibur Legends Details

Soul Calibur Legends Details

Namco release information about the control system on Soul Calibur Legends along with a new trailer of the game.

According to GameWad the game will feature "motion capture" from the Wiimote which is then represented on screen. "By swinging the Wii Remote as players please, in-game characters will perform the exact sword actions that players are...

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E3 2007 Trailer for Soulcalibur Legends

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bub710 said:

Just Got this one from Gamestop in a blind leap of faith. $15 and it was free when I bought two other games I actually wanted. No box cover or info and I didn't even read a review before buying. I just assumed it was a traditional fighting game and I don't yet have one of those for the wii so... anyway, it's not. it is a run around and waggle to kill game. that being said it got horrible reviews everywhere. I however enjoy a good mindless game of hack and slash and have found myself able to pick it up and play a level and quit and come back to it the next day. The controls are simple so you will never feel like "you've been away too long to be good at it" if you know what I mean. all in all simple, cheap, and if it were a wiiware title for the same price, it would have great reviews. as is, i enjoy it and it is simple enough for my 6 year old to play as well. Gotta love that. good for casual gamers.

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