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PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure challenges you to protect the PokéPark from danger by collecting pieces of the precious Sky Prism. But with the Sky Prism Pieces spread across all kinds of Zones and only attainable after completing tricky challenges, saving the day isn’t going to be easy!

When tackling the PokéPark’s special Attractions with Pokémon you’ve befriended during your adventure you will discover that PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure is crammed with fun activities that take advantage of the Wii Remote’s motion-sensing power and provide endless hours of fun for players of all ages. There is also the opportunity to take part in challenging Skill Games with Pokémon. Depending which Pokémon you approach in the PokéPark may determine your skill level as different Pokémon will prefer one skill game to another.

Get ready for a new kind of Pokémon adventure on Wii where exploration, adventure and a multitude of games collide to create a place beyond your wildest imagination. Get ready to enter the PokéPark!

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Posted by Trevor Chan

A substandard spin-off appears!

Let's face it, Nintendo's churned out filler titles before while we waited for the next main instalment in the Pokémon series, and that's exactly what PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure is. A spin-off from the more traditional Pokémon games, its focus...

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nintendonerd147 said:

This looks rubish but when this comes out pokemon stadiums could be released for virtual console that would be an awesome idea.



Yellowtails said:

@nintendonerd147 Well yeah i want them on vc even though something about the transfer pack won't be compatible on the wii,

@Blaketoberfest I would only buy it just for the mini-games. I never owned a transfer pack for n64. I still have Pokemon stadium 2 on n64.



nintendonerd147 said:

@Blaketoberfest There is always a posibility because Mario Golf/Tennis are out on virtual console and they used the transfer pack to unlock extra characters but for Pokemon games it is more important to play with your pokemon. I have never had or played an N64 but every time a n64 games is released on wii shop I get it without doubt.



LGamer said:

I buyed it, because Europe had it already Friday. I played it compeletely out in 2 days. Okay, I admit that I played the game totally dead, but this game is good for less then one week fun. And then I mean fun for your own. The game itself looks great, finally a good Pokémon rip-off were you are free to walk around as Pikachu in the environment.

There is a small story in the game:
You get trown in a hole and you wake up in PokéPark. Mew apears and explain to you: Get 12 Sky Prisms back spread on the Park, or else the PokéPark will be hit by a sort of island hanging in the air! Simple!

There are 8 different area's to explore: Iceberg Zone, Cavern Zone, Magma Zone, Haunted Zone, Granite Zone, Flower Zone, and the final stage: Sky Garden.
All these area's come out to one place: The Gathering Place (one big circle with a treehouse, a photo shop, transporting place, and a training area)

There are about 193 Pokémon in the game, and with each Pokémon you can play a game, so you can get them in you Friend-list.
There are 5 different games to play with Pokémon (you can't choose what game you want to play):
1. Match (you can use 3 attacks on your opponent: Sprint, Thunderbolt, Steel Tail)
2. Tag Battle (your opponent runs away, and you have to tag him, with your Sprint)
3. Quiz (answer 3 questions correctly)
4. Hide-and-Seek
5. Obstacle Hop (you jump from one platform to another)

There are 14 Attractions (or Minigames) you can play. You can play this with your collected friends (from the same Area) you have unlocked. It's a shame that only one person can play it, with 4 players would it be much more fun.

Of course, there are legendary Pokémon (14), but if you can unlock them, they are only playable in the Attractions.

:) This game is an unique experience to walk free in area's, meet other Pokémon, play fun Minigames, discover secrets, and collecting friends.
:( Wacky controls (to handle the D-Pad in fights is sometimes very difficult, and the jumping is very annoying), limited playtime (less then 6 hours) and you can't play with friends.

I hope this may help you with your decission :)



misterquin said:

When I first saw screenshots of this, I thought it was a Pokemon Snap 2. I was sorely disappointed.



Nibblet said:

I'm not so sure about this game. Has anybody here played it before? Is it all that good?

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