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If you’re after a game with unique gameplay and a very definite visual style then Minon: Everyday Hero will fit the bill perfectly. An original action-platform game created by Japanese developers Success, Minon: Everyday Hero gives to the player the challenge of helping the local townsfolk who are in trouble.

You have to make your way through various locations within the town, including the park, golf course and even the concert hall, solving people’s problems as you go. But here’s the surreal part – Minon changes his size depending on the proportions of the game world. He can be the size of an insect in one level, and the size of a skyscraper in another. It all depends on the challenges he faces. You can jump between trees, skyscrapers and even people. Just do whatever it takes to help the townspeople!

  • Play either as a single player, or with a friend.
  • Discover secret areas to unlock the next time around.
  • Unique gameplay and visual style add up to something completely different.

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Posted by Sean Aaron

He may be an everyday hero, but Minon certainly isn't ordinary...

The Japanese have a rightly earned reputation for releasing oddball game titles; it's not so much that the gameplay is unusual, but the content itself. Minon: Everyday Hero (Go! Go! Minon in Japan) is a prime example, seeing as the titular super hero does...

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Sean_Aaron said:

This is clearly a must buy. It would be super awesome if these guys somehow got Nintendo to license Captain Rainbow for them!

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