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To gamers worldwide, the METAL SLUG franchise is known as one of the greatest action arcade series of all time. First introduced in 1996, METAL SLUG and its sequels have achieved massive popularity with arcade gamers due to the series' highly detailed animations, impressive backdrops, and consistent sense of humor. This will be a full arcade collection including many additional surprises.

"Fans worldwide have been looking forward to our return to Nintendo platforms and what better way then to bring our complete METAL SLUG arcade collection to Wii.

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Posted by Damien McFerran

Wooden Snail. Concrete Spider. Papier Maché Butterfly. Metal Slug. One of these is the moniker of a near-legendary platform-action series that is celebrating a glorious decade in the spotlight. The others are nonsense names made up merely to justify this rather pointless opening paragraph. Can you guess which is which?

Give your average next generation console devotee the time of day and they’ll probably inform you with a smug confidence that 2D gaming is ‘dead’. As console hardware has become more and more adept in the art of displaying realistic 3D visuals there...

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OneBagTravel said:

One big warning about this game that isn't really brought up in a lot of reviews. 1) you can't customize the controls to your liking.. there's only a few preset controls
2) you have to SHAKE the controller to throw grenades. How ridiculous is that? The only way to get around this is to use a Classic Controller. Even though the B button on the WiiMote isn't used for anything, you still have to shake the controller.

Almost kills the games for me.

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