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You have moved to an island town that was once brimming with life and energy.… Now, however, the island is in trouble!

The mystical Mother Tree that once watched over the island has disappeared, and the Harvest Goddess is nowhere to be found! The island has lost its connection with nature and the inhabitants don’t know what to do.

It is up to you to save the island!

Till the earth, befriend and raise animals, nurture friendships, and build a family. When the giant Mother Tree is reborn, the Harvest Goddess will be able to return and bring prosperity to the island once again.

Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility is filled with exciting features that are sure to delight both new players and long-time Harvest Moon fans! There are lot of crops to grow, a variety of animals to care for, tons of festivals to participate in, and an exciting story!

  • Feel like you're really farming with the Nintendo Wii Remote!
  • Play as a boy or as a girl!
  • Work part-time jobs!
  • An amazing variety of crops, animals, events, and mini-games!
  • The deepest and biggest Harvest Moon to date!

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Europe PAL Version

Posted by James Newton

A withering flower

Tree of Tranquility is the first game in the main Harvest Moon series designed exclusively for Wii, following 2007’s disastrous Gamecube port Magical Melody. It’s been available in the US for over a year, but now it’s finally available in PAL...

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Natsume bring another slice of farming action to Wii

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James said:

Arrrgggghh do want! I hope this is better than Magical Melody - judging by the Metacritic score it won't be but I still have my hope.



harvestmoonsgirl said:

dont get this get harvest moon animal perade its like the upgraded vershion same thing just they aded like...4 peaple and more pets

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