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Guitar Hero Metallica allows fans to experience the intensity and skill of world-renowned metal and rock band, Metallica.

While shredding on the guitar controller, ripping on the drum kit controller and wailing on the mic to a set list of over 45 explosive hits from both Metallica’s illustrious career and more than 20 popular artists selected by the band. Guitar Hero Metallica allows fans to perform in venues reminiscent of the band’s epic album covers, themes from their music and real world locales. The all-new Expert+ drum difficulty setting, available for all platform versions of the game, features two bass drum kick pedals, offering an authentic Metallica experience with note-for-note tracking, and Metallifacts, which, after nailing a song, lets players enjoy a virtual concert filled with on-screen facts and trivia about the song being played.

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Posted by Stuart Reddick

Scraping the bottom of the barrel or taking the franchise to new heights?

Whenever a developer stumbles onto a gold mine, they usually start milking the franchise for all its worth. While Activision certainly falls into that camp with the Guitar Hero series, they’ve managed to maintain the quality of their titles from one...

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Rocketship92 said:

insane game, i recommend it to any1 hu has even a remote interest in metallica, highly enjoyable, fast pace makes it by far the most exciting in the series, hoping for gh: enter shikari next :L

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