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United Kingdom

Fri 6th Nov 2009

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Rocketship92 commented on Talking Point: About "The Waggle":

wii remote > analogue

Anyone played COD MW 1 or 2? Is aiming that slow in real life? I think MP3 showed the world what aiming should be like in a game! Hell even Wii Play can show the world how shooting should be done



Rocketship92 commented on Round Table: Is Nintendo Neglecting the 'Hardc...:

It should always be considered that gamers expect too much these days! Also I think that a lot of people are missing out on good games like world of goo because theyre too focused on so-called "hardcore" games. If everyone took a step back and looked at what is on offer, then I think less people would say the wii is neglecting them.



Rocketship92 commented on Guitar Hero Metallica:

insane game, i recommend it to any1 hu has even a remote interest in metallica, highly enjoyable, fast pace makes it by far the most exciting in the series, hoping for gh: enter shikari next :L



Rocketship92 commented on Pixmania: Wiimote Tech Is "Endangered":

Did anyone else realise the hypocrosy of xbox nd ps owners? most people i know slated the wii for its motion controllers, now they jump the bandwagon once sony nd ms have motion controllers in the works. My bro is real excited about this new sony motion wand, he forgets how identical it is to that wii controller hes always slated......