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Players of all skill levels will appreciate everything this game has to offer, from the intuitive Wii controls and adorable characters, to the intricate story and versatile job system.

Chocobo, a FINAL FANTASY fan favorite, takes on trademark job classes from the franchise such as black mage, knight, and scholar. Players can unlock more jobs as they progress through the game. The ever-changing dungeons and unexpected twists and turns offer hours of engrossing gameplay as players explore the newest adventure in one of the world’s most popular RPG franchises.

Chocobo and Cid, FINAL FANTASY mainstays-turned-treasure hunters, are magically transported to a mysterious town whose people’s memories are lost with each bell toll of the clocktower. One day, a strange boy named Raffaello arrives and creates dungeons of memories to help the townspeople remember who they are. Now it’s up to Chocobo to journey through the dungeons and retrieve everyone’s memories!

  • FEATURES A charming, vibrant game world coupled with an engaging storyline and challenging turn-based battles to create a fun and entertaining RPG environment
  • A compelling gaming experience utilizing a variety of classic FINAL FANTASY job classes such as the knight, black mage and white mage to aid Chocobo in his fight against evil
  • Character designer Toshiyuki Itahana, from the FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES® series and FINAL FANTASY FABLES: Chocobo Tales®, lends his trademark art style
  • Duel against friends via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in addictive card battles featuring popular FINAL FANTASY creatures in a unique 3D pop-up book style
  • Collect hidden letters throughout the adventure and form special phrases to unlock secret dungeons and job classes
  • The signature Mog House offers arcade-style mini-games that can be played with intuitive Wii Remote controls

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Posted by Stuart Reddick

A fun spin-off in the highly acclaimed Final Fantasy series

When you think of Wii, you may think of very vibrant family friendly games – games that are very easy to pick up and play, as well as those that have little or no challenge. In other words, games that appeal to non-gamers more so than the hardcore...

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Kurachi said:

it looks fun, gonna check some youtube videos soon, maybe if it looks fun, i might buy it



Mediengewimmel said:

The story is just for younger kids but I enjoyed the whole rest of the game. The gameplay makes fun and the soundtrack consists of remixes of older tracks from the first Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy X.

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