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The adventure part of Captain Rainbow is set on enjoying the Island Life together with the other islanders. Nick can go fishing, bug catching and help the other Islanders with their requests. Most of the request can lead to various mini-games, such as boxing and golf.

The action part is based around those crystals. If many Kirarin are collected, a star will fall from the sky. The star can be carried to an altar at the top of the Island where it will grant a wish. While carrying the star to the altar Nick is challenged by a mysterious silhouette who for unknown reasons wants the star for himself. If Nick succeeds in bringing the star to the altar there will be two choices left for him. He can either grant his own wish to become a popular hero again or grant the wish of one of the islanders and go back to finding other Kirarin.

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Posted by Stuart Reddick

Can Captain Rainbow save the day in this quirky action title?

Let's face it; whenever Nintendo announces a new project, we all grow a little skeptical. With Nintendo creating games that are more accessible and aimed at casual gamers, hardcore types end up feeling more and more sidelined. It's for this reason that...

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Nintendo 'camp' things up with Captain Rainbow

Finally a game for the people of San Francisco, Captain Rainbow emerges from the people that brought you Chibi-Robo and GiFTPiA.

The main character "Nick" is able to transform into "Captain Rainbow" a tokusatsu-styled superhero wielding a yo-yo, with a wish to restore his lost popularity. To restore his popularity, Nick ventures to Minmin Island; an island where wishes are said..

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Supermarioman said:

I hope it gets to the US soon, it looks very promising and very different take on games by Nintendo.

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