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A time long, long ago...

A year hotter and drier than any before. Famine and drought plague the lands of the Occident. Concerned for his people, King George, ruler of the Northern Hemisphere, seeks advice from his two sons, William and Edward, who could not be more different in their convictions and personalities. To help save the kingdom and counter the famine, William proposes to set sail for the unsettled islands in the South of the kingdom. They could be developed and farmed, which would supply the people with both land and food. The King loves the idea, very much to Edward's dismay. The brothers are sent out to establish colonies and to bring back food and supplies.

On their journey to South they come across something foreign and alien - something which will confront them with new challenges beyond that of bringing salvation to their homeland. Not only will they face new enemies, but they will also find new friends as they race against time.

A shimmer of hope appears on the horizon...

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Posted by Sean Aaron

Have sim fans' prayers been answered?

The history of sim games on home consoles hasn't been the brightest since the control pad interface doesn't lend itself as well to the fine control you would normally expect using a mouse on home computers. The Wii's pointer makes a good mouse...

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JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

lol this is sad, I didn't even know this game existed and it sounds awesome. Sounds a lot like Little King's story.



ejamer said:

Love this game!

My pick for most overlooked gem on Wii - it's a brilliant game, but got almost no attention from media or consumers. Other "hidden gems" usually were successful in one area or the other, for example Little King's Story got a ton of critical response but just didn't sell.

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