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United States

Sun 18th Oct 2009

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Sporatic commented on Spore Hero:

Sharing is definitely a great feature, but what I love so much about this bit of the spore franchise is the fact that you actually get to do so much more with your creature. The fighting, humorous creatures and exploration make it all the more fun.
If I were to give it a rating, I would say a 9.0, mostly because of limitation compared to the computer version, but like Tate24 said, plenty of stuff to customize with and you can still modify the size of your creature and is overall height. Fighting is actually... Quite a bit like a fighting game, actually. There is jumping, gliding, and a whole lotta kicking Overall, I love it! Still playing and still loving it... I was wondering how many areas this game has? I have nearly completed 3 completely, and I already have 140 parts.
Games are subjective, but I would recommend this game to anyone who loves these cute (and sometimes odd looking) little dudes. Especially if they always wanted to do a little more with their creations.