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Mario's Tennis (VB / Virtual Boy)

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Mario's Tennis is a game for Nintendo's Virtual Boy video game console.

Also known by its working title Mario's Dream Tennis, it was the console's pack-in game in North America. The game features eight famous characters from the Mario series. Although a two-player function was announced, it was not implemented since the cable required to link two Virtual Boy units was never released. Due to the Virtual Boy's poor sales in North America, Mario's Tennis did not become as popular as the other games in the Mario Tennis series.

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Posted by Dave Frear

Sticking him in a go-kart worked out well. What else can we try?

Mario’s Tennis does exactly what it says on the cartridge. It takes Mario and six other characters and places them in a Tennis game. Singles and doubles matches are available as either one-off matches or a Tournament, and standard tennis rules apply.A...

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