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Street Racer (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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Street Racer is a kart racing game similar to Super Mario Kart.

Up to four players can play by split-screen. If there are no human opponents, the player can drive against seven computer opponents in three leagues. If the player wins the first league, they can play the second and so on. The game has eight different vehicles with different skills in speed, haste or resistance. There are also some power-ups on the tracks such as bombs, nitro fuel, and health packs.

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Posted by Andrew Donaldson

Road to joy?

On rare occasion, a game so revolutionary will appear that not only will it receive the usual much deserved critical acclaim, it’ll become responsible for the creation of an entirely new genre. Take Super Mario Kart for instance — the title...

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PhillaLoup said:

I want this game so badly! It is a huge memory of my childhood ... but I read somewhere that this probably won't see release on the VC :/



Roo said:

Magic. I ploughed so many hours into the Mega Drive version when I was younger - I must have rented it a dozen times. Who remembers the battle mode?

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