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Pop'n TwinBee (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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The classic Super NES "cute ‘em up" returns, thanks to Virtual Console!

Pilot the sweet yet powerful spacecraft TwinBee and WinBee, as you fend off the forces of the Donguri army. Fly through seven stages solo or simultaneously with a friend, to defeat the evil Dr Mardock’s forces. Power up by collecting bells; shooting them to change their colour and effect. Two players can also team up, to transfer energy if one of you is low, or to grab and throw a player around the screen and take out multiple enemies!

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn


It's not particularly well known outside Japan, but for a while TwinBee was one of Konami's main shoot 'em up series. A lot more cutesy than Gradius and the like, its colourful graphics and characters were its biggest appeal. A while back the original...

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The Australian Classification Board has revealed that Konami's Pop'n Twinbee is coming to the Virtual Console. The vertically-scrolling shooter is the sequel to the original Twinbee, and takes place in a cartoon-like world where you pilot a ship with arms. However, before you get too excited about the prospect of...

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WiisWorld said:

I remember owning this back in the day, flinging the player 2 ship around the screen. Decent, but I always preferred Axelay.



AyeHaley said:

I kinda want to get it because I'm not a pro at schmups
and it looks so happy!

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