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NBA Jam (SNES / Super Nintendo)

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Jam home the #1 arcade phenomenon! From outrageous Tomahawk jams to wild full-court shots, you control the super moves, amazing blocks and awesome slam dunks of 54 of the NBA's hottest stars! Ultra-realistic digitized graphics and play-by-play. 4-player adaptable for true arcade competition. NBA JAM puts you on the court and above the rim!

Choose from 27 different NBA teams and take to the court for incredible two-on-two action. Each NBA team is represented and there are plenty of hidden bonuses to uncover with each hard-earned victory. All of the flips, twists, shooting flames, and loose refereeing from the coin-operated original are present, right down to the "on fire" streaks. If you make it too far into the game to lose your valuable progress, you can save your game with the use of a password. Whether you're looking for NBA basketball or a fast-paced brawl, you'll find plenty of both in NBA JAM.

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Posted by Spencer McIlvaine

The very definition of Boomshakalaka

Released amid a surge in the popularity of professional basketball during the early 1990s, NBA Jam rode the wave along with many other basketball video games. In spite of all the competition, it became a legend in its own time and is still remembered...

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StarBoy91 said:

Man, how I long to play this 16-bit port of a B-ball classic again. I remember having played it one or two times when I was little. I even played one of my cousins' MegaDrive port of the game, even though there was nothing different (save for sound).



Moonhillwat said:

Knowing that I now have a Wii and so can download games on the VC, I got rid of my SNES (along with my 64, NES and Gamecube). And I just so happened to have a copy of this game.

Now, I'm no fan of sports simulators, but NBA Jam rocked my world! I also loved the "Boom shakalakalaka" thing the guy was always saying. I truly hope this game comes out for the VC sometime, or I'll be mad.

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