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Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight, released in Japan as 2010 Street Fighter is a side-scrolling action platform game released by Capcom for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990.

It was marketed as a science fiction-themed spin-off to the 1987 arcade game Street Fighter. The English localization of 2010 changed the name and backstory of the main character to imply that he was Ken from the original Street Fighter, whereas the protagonist in the Japanese version is a completely unrelated character named Kevin. 2010 is of a different genre from the traditional Street Fighter games, which are competitive fighting games.

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Posted by Dave Frear

Planet Hopper 1990

Capcom's Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight is an interesting game, arriving on the NES after the release of the first Street Fighter, but before its sequel hit arcades and caused an explosion of interest in one-on-one brawlers. The game's story was...

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Posted by Lee Meyer

Back to the future

Capcom's Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight is not a typical Street Fighter game. If you go into this relatively obscure NES action title knowing you won't hear "Hadouken!" shouted once, you may be able to enjoy the experience. However, Street Fighter...

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rayword45 said:

It's interesting to think that not really that long ago, 2010 was considered a distant future... Actually, wait, they made a game with planet hopping and cyborg cops and chose 20 years a future? What the hell kind of logic is that? Why not 3100 or 20X6 or something?



DinoFett said:

The 80's was a time of change, I have no problems with this version of Street Fighter. I will buy this software soon.



Nintenjoe64 said:

It's amazing how accurate the makers of Street Fighter 2010 were with their prediction of the future.



Depeche said:

Great game, had it many years ago, glad to see this show up on the eshop.

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