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Metal Slug X (Neo Geo)

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Back into the breach with the king of action games!

Jump! Shoot! Evade! The time to test your reflexes has come once again! Scatter the swarms of oncoming enemies with triple the fire power! A festival of dazzling destruction, take on the Metal Slug world, if you dare!

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

X hits the spot

While Contra has always been the game by which all run and gun titles have been judged, serious fans of the genre will still flash a wide grin at the mere mention of the Metal Slug series, especially Metal Slug X. There's no denying that Metal Slug 2 had...

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arrmixer said:

awesome thank you for the input... I'll wait to read corbs review b4 I decide on the two then.... look for a good 2d shoot'em game

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